Table of Contents

Part I: 

Introduction to Business Analytics

The Paradigm Shift

  • From Data to Insight 
  • From Business Intelligence to Business Analytics 
  • Levels of "Intelligence"

The Business Analytics Cycle
  • Objective 
  • Data 
  • Analytic Tools and Methods 
  • Implementation
  • Guiding Questions 
  • Requirements for Integrating Business Analytics 
  • Common Questions

Part II: 

Data Mining and Data Analytics

Data Mining in a Nutshell
  • What Is Data Mining?
  • Predictive Analytics 
  • Forecasting 
  • Optimization 
  • Simulation 

From Data Mining to Data Analytics
  • Network Analytics 
  • Text Analytics

Part III: 

Business Analytics 

Customer Analytics 

  • "Know Thy Customer" 
  • Targeting Customers 
  • Project Suggestions

Social Analytics 

  • Customer Satisfaction 
  • Mining Online Buzz 
  • Project Suggestions

Operational Analytics 

  • Inventory Management 
  • Marketing Optimization 
  • Predictive Maintenance 
  • Human Resources and Workforce Management 
  • Project Suggestions